Annie (swakaba) wrote,

Name:: Annie
Age:: 20
Sex:: Female

Music artists:: The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Bouncing Souls, The Cure, and now I'm blanking out... theres definately more.
Food:: cheese
Movie:: heh... i can't name one...
Hobby:: reading, music, movies, guitar, shows, eating, sleeping... etc
Place to go:: not here
Person to be with:: my good friends.

Least Favorite
Music:: poppy annoying stuff
Food:: most vegetables
Movie:: anything from the silent film era
Sport:: hmm... football
Person to be with: people who say one thing and then turn around and do something else
Place to go:: hospital, certain people's rooms, the thomas cooper library

Are your fingernails painted?: no
Do you like playing morbid games, such as Bloody Pingu Throw and Barb-Jump?: ???
How often do you sit in front of the computer?: how often, or how long do i stay? I tend to move around a lot
Aren't gangsters annoying?: sometimes...
Do you like sausage?: yea
How about peanut butter?: NO
Have you ever put the "This side up" face down while making popcorn?: no.

Smell:: chocolate
Things around you:: bed, books, water bottle
Worry:: my house, my classes, flunking out of school, my car, my sister, my parents, my cat, my friends (pretty much that order)
Clothes:: jeans, Bouncing sould tshirt, red pullover
Are you hungry:: sure
Thirsty?:: yea
Want:: things to just stop for a minute and let me catch up.
Thinking about:: my tests in the next two weeks, my new poster, my new cds
Socks?:: white
Underwear?:: uh, red?
Anything on TV?:: no, its off.
Music:: Stiff Little Fingers

Where would an awsome place to have sex be?: somewhere random when stuck and soaked by a storm outside.
Have you even had sex?: no
When is the last time you had sex?: no
Sex with music on?: sure.
Sex with the TV on?: no
Ever gotten walked in on?: no
Ever walked in on someone?: no
Use whipped creme, chocolate syrup, or any other food?: how about no?
Handcuffs?: no
Do you want to create a Sex Chamber?: no
If so, what would be in it?: no

my father thinks i am : unhappy here.
my mother thinks i am : letting people get to me who shouldn't
my grandma thinks i am : shes dead
your three best qualities : loyal, honest, trustworthy
three worst qualities : stubborn, i don't stand up to people when I should, introverted
three things you are often complimented for : hair, eyes, teeth
a compliment you got that made you blush: "Why are you so shy? You have no reason to be."
you get embarrassed when: i do or say something stupid, at complements
what makes you happy: people that I love
upsets you : well, a lot lately...

x. you keep a diary : yes
x. you like to cook : yes
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone : yes, not a secret, I just don't like to talk about it
x. you fold your underwear : sometimes?
x. you talk in your sleep : more like mumble
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead : no
x. you believe in love : I didn't think it was meant for me.

x. movie you rented : I don't know
x. movie you bought : peter pan, i think
x. song you listened to : "silver lining" SLF
x. song that was stuck in your head : "close to me" the cure
x. song you've downloaded : uhhh...
x. CD you bought : jim croce
x. CD you listened to : my chemical romance
x. person you've called : mum
x. person that's called you : mum
x. TV show you've watched : i dunno...
x. person you were thinking of : my sister

x. you wish you could live somewhere else : yes
x. you think about suicide : no
x others find you attractive : i guess
x. you want more piercings : sure
x. you want more tattoos : no
x. you drink : yes
x. you do drugs : no
x. you smoke : no
x. you like cleaning : no
x. you like roller coasters: yes
x. you write in cursive or print: print, when not typing
x. you carry a donor card : i can't be a donor
x. you have a crush on somebody: i did
x. ever cried over a boy/girl : yes
x. ever lied to someone : yes
x. ever been in a fist fight : yes
x. ever been arrested : no

x. shampoo do you use: umm L'oreal
x. perfume/cologne do you use : no
x. shoes do you wear : converse
x. are you scared of : hospitals, losing people

With The Opposite Sex...?:
x. what do you notice first : eyes, smiles
x. last person you slow danced with : i have no idea

x. makes you laugh : my sister, mollie, my friends
x. makes you smile : my friends
x. do you have a crush on :
x. has a crush on you :
x. is the easiest to talk to : mollie
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