Annie (swakaba) wrote,

there are things going on right now in my life that I absolutely do not understand.
I may post about them later, I may not.

[the alphabet survey]

Created by thetoasternetwork and taken 7390 times on bzoink!

Act your agenever
Born on what day of the weekthursday...?
Chore you hatelaundry
Dad's namedavid
Essentail make-up itemhah, mollie didn't think I had any until last week!
Favorite actors/actressesno
Gold or sliversilver
Instruments you playflute, guitar (working on it)
Job titlestudent
Living arrangementsprestonia
Mom's nameconnie
Number of socks you ownhate
Overnight hospital staysonce, and it lasted a month and a half
Phobiahospitals, heights
Quote you like"the beginning of the end"
Religious affiliationagnostic
Time you woke up today1030
Unusual habitsi dunno
Vicious thing you've doneexpressed my feelings, that situation still has me sad
Worst habitcracking knuckles
X-rays you've hadleg, both knees, ankle, back, hands many times
Your favorite seasonfall
Zodiac signleo

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facebook is awesome, I've been talking to people who I haven't talked to since highschool.
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